Video: Interview With Marriott Group President Stephanie Linnartz Skift Forum Asia🔒

Skift Take: China’s healthy domestic travel has helped fuel much of Marriott’s recovery after the crushing collapse at the start of the pandemic. But will that be enough for the hotel giant without a strong corporate travel market? — Tom Lowry Read the Complete Story On Skift

Resurgent Virus Dims Airlines’ Earlier Hopes From This Summer

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Hilton’s Quest for Breakeven 8 Months Into the Pandemic

Hilton attributes its third quarter financial rebound to major cost cuts as well as travel demand beginning to revive. Kenneth C. Zirkel / Wikimedia Skift Take: Hilton’s financials are quickly heading in the right direction, but the company — and the greater hotel industry — need to remain cautious about second and third waves of the […]

The Coolest Airbnbs in the Catskills

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Dear Mr. President — Your Policies Could Make or Break the Travel Industry

The White House South Lawn in September 17, 2012. Presidential policies could make or break the U.S. travel industry and the wider economy. Prayitno / Skift Take: Presidential policies and tone can go a long way toward making or breaking the U.S. travel industry. The president has to balance all parts of the economy […]

What Airlines Are Looking for on Election Day

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Mexican Low-Cost Carrier Interjet Can’t Pay for Fuel, Cancels Flights

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Inside Air Canada’s Complicated Effort to Resurrect a Loyalty Program

Air Canada has revamped its loyalty program. Pictured is one of its business class cabins. Air Canada Skift Take: Air Canada relaunches its Aeroplan program on November 8. But are loyalty programs still relevant amid a global pandemic? An airline executive says they are. We tend to think he’s right. — Brian Sumers Read the […]

How Delta Managed to Avoid Pilot Furloughs

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Video: Interview With United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby at Skift Global Forum🔒

Skift Take: United’s CEO may have been one of the most bearish airline leaders at the start of the pandemic. Scott Kirby continues to offer blunt assessments but says his airline can lead by example in a recovery. — Tom Lowry Read the Complete Story On Skift

Kansas City is Ready to Welcome Meeting Planners Back When the Time is Right

Skift Take: After implementing numerous health and safety protocols, Kansas City is ready to welcome meeting planners back to experience the city’s growing number of new and renovated hotels, which promise to connect business travelers with the city’s convention infrastructure and cultural offerings in exciting new ways. — Visit KC Read the Complete Story On […]

No U.S. Cruises for the Rest of 2020

CLIA confirms cruise lines will not be operating for the rest of 2020. taminator / Flickr Skift Take: Cruise lines are suspending U.S. operations through Dec. 31 — but it will likely take a while longer, as ships must first meet the CDC’s new conditional sailing requirements, including simulated voyages proving low Covid risk and crew […]

Video: Interview With Global Tourism Leaders at Skift Global Forum🔒

Skift Take: From addressing travelers’ concerns on safety to not letting up on efforts to be more green and sustainable, the business of promoting tourism just got a lot harder than it was a mere six months ago. Listen to these experts explain how things need to change. — Skift Read the Complete Story On […]

What Costa Rica Can Teach us About Post-Pandemic Tourism

Skift Take: Under the guidance of a new tourism minister, this Central American country proves that robust safety protocols and crystal-clear messaging are a winning formula when it comes to re-opening borders and empowering travelers in a post-pandemic world. — Read the Complete Story On Skift

Singapore’s Reopening Fervor and 11 Other Top Travel Stories This Week

Traffic and colorful shophouses along Neil Road, in Singapore’s downtown. Singapore is trying to reopen after coronavirus so it can be well-positioned for a recovery. Adobe Skift Take: From Singapore’s very active reopening strategy to Marriott’s work from hotel plan and Airbnb’s pre-IPO stock split, the Skift team covered the top travel stories this week. […]

The Best United States Destinations to Visit in the Fall

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Skift Trend Report: Co-Op Marketing for Destinations

Skift Take: Using in-depth interviews with destination leaders from Europe, Asia Pacific and across North America, this report provides a roadmap for any destination executive looking for solutions to try and jumpstart their tourism economy in the era of Covid-19. — Sojern Read the Complete Story On Skift

This Company Is Travel’s First to Emerge From a Major Pandemic Bankruptcy

Before the coronavirus crisis struck, WorldStrides organized educational trips for 550,000 students each year. WorldStrides Skift Take: The European and Chinese backers of travel agency WorldStrides seem to think there’ll be a rebound for international student travel. Do they know something we don’t? — Matthew Parsons Read the Complete Story On Skift

A Local’s Guide to Boston

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Is Kenya or South Africa Better for a Safari?

Going on safari is the experience of a lifetime. From when we’re small children, many of us dream of seeing lions and elephants in the wild, roaming the plains of Africa.  There are a number of countries where you can embark on an adventure and see animals in their natural habitats, with two of the […]

How to Plan for Expat Life Around the World

If you want to live the expat life, with dreams of living affordably and comfortably in a foreign land that offers an enticing set of benefits, it’s possible. It’s not always straightforward and simple, but it’s possible. While it would be wonderful if we could just show up in a new country, find a place […]

Money to Travel, Just Not Booking Yet: Amadeus Consumer Poll

The Upper House Hotel in Hong Kong. The world’s leisure travelers are planning trips again, but their responses to a survey released by Amadeus on Wednesday show a thirst for vacations. Swire Hotels Skift Take: The year has been so horrible for the travel sector that it can be easy to forget about consumers’ pent-up […]

U.S. Hotel Unemployment Slips Below 30 Percent for First Time Since March

U.S. hotel unemployment dropped to 29.9 percent in September but remains roughly four times higher than the national average. andrewbecks / Pixabay Skift Take: Job gains are great news for hotels. But the U.S. Labor Department figures only paint one part of the full picture of an extremely troubled industry. — Cameron Sperance Read the […]

Hospitality Schools Weigh the Pandemic’s Long-Term Impact on Travel Curriculum

Universities with hospitality schools like Cornell (pictured) aren’t likely to make swift changes to curriculum in light of coronavirus. But the pandemic is a hot topic within every classroom. sach1tb / Wikimedia Skift Take: It will take years for pandemic strategy to show up as a central part of any major hospitality school curriculum, but […]

What Happens When a Massive Wave of Hotels Default?

Some hotels like Chicago’s Palmer House (pictured) are facing foreclosure, but real estate attorneys see alternative options for struggling owners. ThreeIfByBike / Flickr Skift Take: The hotel industry is struggling under months of cratered occupancy and revenue. But there may be a way to avoid foreclosure with the bank — as long as your hotel […]

A Pandemic Upside Is Hotel Chains Are Being Forced to Address Management Bloat

Palm Court Suite at Raffles Hotel Singapore. Accor Group Skift Take: Covid-19 is the turning point for the hotel industry to unplug, simplify structures, and redesign roles, which can all make it more attractive to future talent. — Raini Hamdi Read the Complete Story On Skift

Hilton, Hyatt and Others Pull Back the Curtain on Making Hygiene More Than Theater

Critics argue safety measures like temperature checks are more theatrical than effective against the spread of coronavirus. Hotel brands say they help build guest confidence. NeferJanah Meistrup / Wikimedia Skift Take: Strong communication and decision-making power at the local level are key to making heightened hotel cleaning measures succeed in an ever-changing pandemic information environment. […]

House Speaker Pelosi Urges Airlines to Delay Furloughs as Congress Weighs More Aid

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Airline Jobs Purge Begins as D.C. Remains Deadlocked on Aid

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The Fall Of Discontent Starts For U.S. Airlines: 32,000 Furloughs to Start Thursday

Skift Take: The real pain for U.S. airlines is about to start, as we all knew getting into this Fall season, after months of artificial life support by the government. There is still hope with a last minute government bailout. — Rafat Ali Read the Complete Story On Skift

Missing a Meal on an Airplane? Singapore Airlines Has a Tray Table for You

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JetBlue Founder Delays Launch of His New Airline to 2021 Starting in Southeastern U.S.

A Breeze Airways Embraer E195. The airline expects to start flying in 2021. Breeze Airways Skift Take: At some point, the U.S. airline industry will have a robust recovery. But given the depth of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unlikely this will happen next year. Breeze Airways may have a rough go at first. — […]

Venice Marks Historic Day as Flood Barrier ‘Stopped the Sea’

A flooded scene in Venice on October 28, 2012. The city built a flood barrier that is stopping high tides from overrunning the city. Roberto Trombetta / Skift Take: From overtourism to a stark absence of tourists, tourism dynamics have rocked Venice and its citizens. The new flood barrier should at least provide some […]

Meet the Springsteen Fans Who Created Tours That Bring the Star’s Legend to Life

Bruce Springsteen performing with drummer Max Weinberg behind him, on the Magic Tour stop at Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida, August 15, 2008. Celebrity tourism isn’t new, but these two have certainly carved out a unique niche. Craig O’Neal / Wikipedia Skift Take: While celebrity tourism isn’t new, these two guides have certainly carved out […]

Disney to Lay Off 28,000 U.S. Theme Park Workers and Others as Covid Takes Its Toll

The world had been watching how Disney looks to successfully bring back large crowds to its theme parks in the coronavirus era. That’s much less certain now. Skift Skift Take: Analysts had been predicting the Mouse House may not return to last year’s profit levels until 2025. These painful job cuts seemed inevitable. — Tom […]

Building a Creative Culture From a Rigid Singapore

Street art in Singapore. 3Bs / Visual Hunt Skift Take: Singapore has long been known for operational excellence and top-down management style culture. But the green shoots of creativity are emerging, and with the right cultural and social factors, it can grow into a sizable export for the city state. — Colin Nagy Read the […]

Skift Global Forum Video: How Supporting Local Stakeholders Can Propel Destination Recovery

Skift Take: In this video conversation from Skift Global Forum, we hear from Dan Holowack, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdRiff, about how destination marketing organizations can be more agile in constructing relevant, real-time campaigns that benefit local communities. — CrowdRiff Read the Complete Story On Skift

Recipes Around the World: Belarusian Draniki

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My Name is Matcha and This is My Incredible Story!

Oh my. I just watched the sunrise from the highest platform of my super fun cat tower. A few minutes ago, I devoured a plate of white ocean fish mixed with salmon flakes! Can you believe it? Salmon flakes! Seriously, what a wild ride my life has been. And I’m only 4 months old. My […]

How to Take a Pet Home from Bali

After rescuing an abandoned kitten in Bali, I made the decision to take her to the US with me when it was time to leave. However, to take a pet home from Bali is not a straightforward decision by any means. First, pets are not allowed out of Bali. Yes, it is illegal to take […]

LTO Launches Online Portal for Driver License Transactions

The last thing anyone wants to do in the time of COVD-19 is to wait in long queues in a busy office for several hours to submit a paper application form. And that is exactly what you used to have to do if you wanted to convert your foreign driver license into a local one […]

Teaching English: Get Paid to Travel

Plenty of people aspire to have the freedom to travel as part of their career. It’s often something that’s gradually worked towards as you climb the career ladder. But, what if you could travel the world and begin a new career at the same time? Teaching English abroad is an increasingly popular choice for keen […]

Flight Centre Takes Aim at Essential Services Travel for the Road to Recovery

Flight Centre Travel Group posted an overall loss of $370 million for its 2019/20 financial year. Flight Centre Skift Take: With a narrowing pool of viable customers, in the form of governments and other essential service providers, the competition’s going to be tough out there. — Matthew Parsons Read the Complete Story On Skift

The State Of Educational Travel In a World Gone Virtual

Some countries are waiving travel restrictions for overseas students. StephanieHau / Unsplash Skift Take: Overseas students bring in the cash, but specialist agencies are still exposed as the pandemic starts to bite. — Matthew Parsons Read the Complete Story On Skift

Virgin Atlantic Now Has 18 Months to Get It Right After Court’s Plan Approval

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Airlines Urge U.S. and Britain to Trial Virus Testing for Flyers to Revive London-New York Route

Passengers from international flights arrive at Heathrow Airport, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, London, Britain, July 29, 2020. Toby Melville / Reuters Skift Take: Passenger testing could enable an “air bridge” between London and New York. Yet quick, accurate, and affordable tests remain rare. — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete Story On Skift

United, Other Airlines Finalize Furlough Numbers for When Federal Aid Expires

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Not Every U.S. Airline Is Eliminating Change Fees in the Same Way

American Airlines has introduced new customer-friendly policies. Pictured are a parent and child on one of the airline’s aircraft. American Airlines Skift Take: In the near future, airlines expect fewer business travelers will fly. That means they need to attract people going on vacation. And a lot of those consumers do not like change fees. […]

At Least One Airline Said It Saw Demand Grow

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The End of the Expat Lifestyle and How That Will Impact the Travel Industry

One of the casualties of globalization, hyper-connectedness, direct flights, rising levels of nationalism — and a global pandemic — is most certainly the plum expat gig.  Merla / Adobe Skift Take: As the cushy expat gigs wind down in the world, what is needed from a policy standpoint to attract the new generation of talented, […]

The Tourism Industry Wants a ‘Stretch Season’

The travel industry hopes people still take road trips into autumn. Dino Reichmuth / Unsplash Skift Take: The virus isn’t going anywhere come autumn, but there is some hope that the travel industry can stretch the summer travel season into the cooler months. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

Croatia Welcomed Americans This Summer — How’d That Work Out?

Dubrovnik, Croatia Morgan / Unsplash Skift Take: Croatia has taken a more liberal approach than other European nations to visitation this summer, framing itself as a safe country to visit even while welcoming Americans. The problem is that an influx of visitors may just be undermining that claim. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story […]

Gunmaker Smith & Wesson’s Parent Sees Opportunity With New RV Vacation Boom

Anthony Lake in Baker County, Oregon. It’s in the Elkhorn Mountains of Northeast Oregon along the Elkhorn Scenic Byway just outside of Baker City. Baker County Tourism Skift Take: Thanks to pandemic-driven demand for all thing in outdoor recreation, everyone’s hearing the call of the wild. Even gunmakers. — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete Story […]

How Will Emerging Economies Reliant on Tourism Survive the Crisis?

Fishermen in Bali Thomas Depenbusch (Depi) / Flickr Skift Take: Many emerging economies have built their growth strategies on tourism. Not every one will survive a long-term upset — followed by a likely long-term recession — and be able to pick up where they left off on the other side. — Rosie Spinks Read the […]

Starwood CEO Touts Resiliency of Extended Stay Hotels During Pandemic

Starwood Property Trust continues to see notably above-average performance in its extended stay hotel sector investments, like InTown Suites (pictured). InTown Suites / Wikimedia Skift Take: Extended stay hotels may be strong performers for Starwood Property Trust and Barry Sternlicht, but it may be years before the investment firm looks to deploy capital further into […]

Traveler Confidence in Public Health Officials Plummets

Who’s keeping Americans safe? Skift Skift Take: Travel companies in the U.S. are up against a vexing foe: declining trust in public health bodies. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

The Coolest Airbnbs in New York City

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Struggling Tourist Destinations Pitch Themselves to New Digital Nomads as Remote Work Locales

Come to Bermuda, stay a while? Bermuda Tourism Authority Skift Take: The pandemic may accelerate the existing trend of digital nomads in an unexpected way — and some destinations are taking notice at a time when leisure travel is decimated. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

Virgin Atlantic Files Chapter 15 Petition in U.S. to Assist Its Rescue in the UK

Virgin Atlantic and TUI Airways aircraft are seen at Manchester Airport, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, Manchester, Britain, June 8, 2020. Phil Noble / Reuters Skift Take: The real restructuring happened three weeks ago, as Airline Weekly’s analysts have noted. This move is just to facilitate that. — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete […]

Hyatt CEO Says China Offers Proof Hotels Don’t Need a Vaccine to Recover From Coronavirus

Hyatt leaders Tuesday touted significant recovery in their Greater China portfolio (pictured: the Grand Hyatt Taipei) despite a major second quarter loss. Solomon203 / Wikimedia Skift Take: Hyatt leaders promote ongoing strength in China’s hotel recovery, but the company can’t lose sight that its exposure in the country — despite the momentum — is smaller […]

Tourism and Aviation Among the Sectors Giving Insurers the Most Concern in the Pandemic

Empty plane interior with few people and stewardess during coronavirus pandemia. Underwriters said aviation is one of the most concerning areas in current portfolios. Pavlo Vakhrushev / Adobe Skift Take: Aviation and tourism are two of the leading areas of concerns for insurers, according to a recent survey. It’s the latest bit of troubling news […]

The Ultimate One-Week Pacific Northwest Road Trip Itinerary

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How I Find Coworking Spaces Around the World

Every week I work. It’s not just travel. Without work, there would be no travel. If I need to work 40 hours per week, or more, so be it. The reward is being able to spend my free time on all kinds of adventures around the world that I never dreamed I would be able […]

Best Western CEO Says U.S. Hotels Need 6-Month Lifeline From D.C. to Survive, Not Just to Recover

The next six to nine months are a crucial survival breaking point for the U.S. hotel industry, Best Western CEO David Kong said in an interview with Skift. Best Western Hotels & Resorts Skift Take: Best Western CEO David Kong wants hotel-specific economic relief from Washington like anyone else in the industry, but he’s among […]

China, Italy, and the U.S. — A Tale of 3 Hotel Industry Recoveries

China’s hotel industry recovery from the pandemic continues to propel forward while the U.S. stagnates amid rising cases. Li Yang / Good Free Photos Skift Take: China and Europe continue to post strong gains in their hotel industry recoveries — not so much in the U.S. Hotel company mask mandates won’t help the problem unless […]

Airlines Facing a Lot of ‘Ifs’

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Travel Blogs Rode Credit Card Referrals Wave: What Comes Next?

The Points Guy moved into new office space in 2017. It racked up big revenues on credit card referral fees. TPG Architecture Skift Take: If you wanted to make money in travel media in the past decade, credit card referral revenue was the best bet. But now that stream has dried up. Will it return? […]

Phased Out: U.S. Airlines Look to the Past, Future

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A Quarter for Airlines Everyone Wants to Forget

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Airbus Orders Plunge

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Majority of Brits, Germans and French Would Skip Holidays if Masks and Testing Required: New Survey

No wonder these tourists are lonely. Many Europeans say they would skip vacations if required to wear masks and take tests. Nacho Doce / Reuters Skift Take: Travel is just too much of a hassle, it seems. So many Europeans are asking: Why bother? Not what airlines, hotels, and destinations want to hear right now. […]

China Tourism Leans on Cross-Province Group Tours as Bellwether of Recovery

Domestic travelers at Yu Gardens in Shanghai before Covid-19. Will there be as many? Photo courtesy of Abercrombie and Kent Skift Take: China has allowed cross-province group tours to resume, with conditions. Sold in a flash is an understatement. But will all go well? This will be the test towards full recovery of its travel […]

The Hotel as Cultural Diplomacy: More Important Than Ever Going Forward

The lobby of the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. The Royal Mansour Hotel Skift Take: Cultural diplomacy is often found in museums and cultural initiatives. It is seldom found in hotels. The Royal Mansour in Marrakech was a statement of intent from the king to show the best of the country’s craft and service. […]

A 33 Percent Drop in U.S. GDP and the Ominous Signs for Travel’s Recovery

U.S. GDP decreased at a record rate in the second quarter of 2020. A closer look shows rough news for travel Joshua Woroniecki / Pixabay Skift Take: The U.S. economy showed a record rate of contraction in the second quarter, and a closer look revealed some troubling signs for travel. — Korey Matthews Read the […]

Finding the Right Formula for Promoting Luxury Pandemic Staycations in Asia

Capella Singapore: Who says locals won’t holiday at home? Capella Singapore Skift Take: Asia’s luxury hotels are competing for staycations with ideas, not price. A valuable outcome will be a rise in partnerships as hotels tie up with various local companies to curate new experiences to entice locals. — Raini Hamdi Read the Complete Story […]

Spain Imposes Second Local Coronavirus Lockdown After Infections Spike

A scene in Galicia, Spain, on November 8, 2018. The Galicia region announced a coronavirus-related lockdown July 5, 2020. Kristian Ruhe Thorsen / Skift Take: The smart money always said that a coronavirus recovery would be uneven, and Spain is finding that out the hard way. — Dennis Schaal Read the Complete Story On […]

Ireland Delays Loosening Travel Restrictions Until July 20

A scene in Dublin, Ireland on June 5, 2014. Ireland will ease coronavirus-related travel restrictions on July 20, 2020. Sean Macentee / Skift Take: Ireland has one of the lowest Covid-19 infections rates in Europe, and its cautious approach appears to be working. — Dennis Schaal Read the Complete Story On Skift

Taj Mahal to Open Monday With Mask, Distancing Restrictions

The Taj Mahal, pictured here at sunrise, is set to reopen on Monday, July 6. Visual Hunt Skift Take: Even though it will reopen with 80 percent fewer visitors than on average days, it’s a welcome sign to see one of the world’s greatest landmark destinations back up and running. — Tom Lowry Read the […]

The Ultimate Southern USA Road Trip Guide

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Second Half Blues and 12 Other Coronavirus Travel Stories This Week

Photo of an empty plane. Adobe Stock Skift Take: In coronavirus travel stories this week, Skift covered the prospect of a disappointing second half of 2020, travel managers assessing the worth of sending employees on trips, whether hostels in Singapore are doomed, and how under-visited destinations may get a boost in the recovery. — Dennis […]

U.S. Hospitality Jobs Rose Sharply in June But Hotels Still Operating With Half the Staff

While the overall U.S. leisure and hospitality unemployment rate fell to 29 percent in June, the hotel sector still faces 43 percent unemployment. Andrewrabbott / Wikimedia Skift Take: A strong jobs report is a good sign for the U.S. economy but may hinder hotel organizations in their push for further government stimulus. — Cameron Sperance […]

A European Summer Without Americans Threatens Already Struggling Luxury Hotels

The EU’s travel ban on Americans is another hit to the struggling hotel industry, but some segments may manage to navigate the summer without much of an impact. Ptra / Pixabay Skift Take: The EU’s ban on American travelers is another revenue hit for European hoteliers, but also an opportunity to build up a domestic […]

6 Key Takeaways From Skift Forum Europe

Travel business got a chance to look themselves in the mirror and to redesign their operations during the coronavirus crisis. A sideview mirror as pictured on December 5, 2015. Sam / Skift Take: Nothing like a world-shattering crisis to force companies to look into the mirror and contemplate a makeover. Will consumer travel preferences […]

IHG and Accor Leaders See Short-Term Virus Response Fueling Longer-Term European Hotel Strategies

The InterContinental London Park Lane. IHG uses classic colors for its luxury brand. Skift Take: The hotel sector is nothing if not inventive, and IHG and Accor have bold ideas to take advantage of what’s shaping up to be a mostly domestic summer season. — Matthew Parsons Read the Complete Story On Skift

Is the End for Boeing’s Storied 747 Jumbo Jet Finally Here?

Boeing is reportedly set to finally retire the legendary 747, after speculation over the years it would soon be history. Zen Sasaki / Flickr Skift Take: No secret on this one. The grand jumbo that revolutionized aviation in the 1970s appears ready to become part of history. RIP, Queen of the Skies. — Tom Lowry […]

How U.S. Airlines Are Trying to Stop the Pandemic Spreading on Flights

Woman wearing a mask for prevent virus at an international airport. Adobe Skift Take: People will debate whether these airline efforts amount to “health theater” or not for months to come. — Sean O’Neill Read the Complete Story On Skift

JetBlue Founder Close to Giving Up TAP Stake as Portuguese Government Takes a Controlling Share

A Tap Air Portugal Airbus A321 in Hamburg. The airline is closing in on a deal to give the government a controlling interest. Kevin Hackert / Skift Take: Giving a controlling stake to the Portuguese government is the price TAP will likely pay for a bailout. — Dennis Schaal Read the Complete Story On […]

American Airlines Warns Its International Capacity Will Still Be Way Down a Year From Now

An American Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft on the tarmac. American Airlines Group will adjust its long-haul international schedule for winter 2020 through summer 2021 to be down 25 percent from 2019 levels. American Airlines Skift Take: Given the crisis, it’s hard to believe the words “dividend” and “solidly profitable” will ever appear in the same […]

United Turns Bullish, Adding 25,000 Flights for August

United Airlines plane. The company is adding nearly 25,000 flights in August. Skift Skift Take: United is adding nearly 25,000 flights for its August schedule. It’s a big bet that the demand will be there to make it worth it. — Korey Matthews Read the Complete Story On Skift

Thailand Partially Lifts Ban on International Arrivals With Rapid Covid Tests on Arrival

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong / Unsplash Skift Take: In line with its prudent approach to containing the virus so far, Thailand will be testing all foreign arrivals at its largest airport as it begins to lift travel restrictions. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

Pandemic Costs Africa Nearly $55 Billion in Lost Travel and Tourism

An elephant grazes among wildebeests and zebras during a census at the Amboseli National Park, 290 km (188 miles) southeast of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, October 9, 2013. Thomas Mukoya Skift Take: The pandemic threatens an economic whiplash in Africa that could be worse than the disease itself. But the upside for wildlife is that trophy […]

Greece’s Small Resorts Hope for Just 20 Percent of Last Year’s Summer Season

Ruines in Rhodes, Greece. LA khai-way / Unsplash Skift Take: Tourism is reopening in Greece but expectations remain historically low for places like the island of Rhodes. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

England Scraps Travel Restrictions for 50 Nations, U.S. Arrivals Will Still Need to Quarantine

Travelers’ shadows queue at Heathrow Airport. Yolanda Sun / Unsplash Skift Take: In a month, the UK’s travel restrictions have gone from blanket quarantine, to air bridges, to a traffic light system. What will they think of next? — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

Nearly 37 Million Americans Are Expected to Take July 4th Road Trips Even as Virus Cases Surge

A Fourth of July parade. Stephen Kruso / Flickr Skift Take: The pandemic shows no signs of slowing down in the U.S., but the Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index shows that Americans are taking road trips regardless. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

Marriott Says Trump Administration Demanded It to Shutter Cuba Hotel Operations

Four years after Starwood became the first U.S. hotel operator to run a hotel in Cuba since the 1959 revolution, Marriott — which bought Starwood in 2016 — says the Trump administration wants it to end operations. Falkenpost / Pixabay Skift Take: Marriott’s planned Cuban expansion may become a sacrificial byproduct of the Trump administration’s […]

European Union Plans to Reopen Most Borders in July

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson talking at an earlier press conference. European Commission Skift Take: Member countries of the European Union are in disagreement about how long to maintain travel restrictions. But expect most travel in and out of the bloc to stay blocked at least through July 1. — Sean O’Neill Read the […]

Travel Sector Remains Thorn in a Falling U.S. Unemployment Rate Defying Expectations

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 13.3 percent in May, but the travel sector is still seeing brutally high numbers. William Warby / Flickr Skift Take: The travel industry shouldn’t sing yet — the hospitality and leisure unemployment rate fell three points in May, but the sector is still in a decimated place from where […]

What South Africa’s Virus Protocols Tell Us About Balancing a Travel Economy With a Nation’s Health

South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa imposed strict lockdown measures early on in the crisis. Reuters Skift Take: South Africa is understandably cautious as it approaches winter, and doing all it can to stave off a health crisis. But its strict and prolonged protocols might end up doing more harm than good. — Matthew Parsons Read […]

Tourist Guides Will Be the Earliest Enforcers of Safety Measures in Travel

A tour guide in China. Chastagner Thierry / Unsplash Skift Take: For tourist guides who manage to ride out travel’s shutdown, a new set of challenges and expectations will be awaiting the profession on the other side. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift

U.S. Airlines Plan to Increase Flights to Places That Boast the Great Outdoors

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ben Emrick / Unsplash Skift Take: Summer tourism certainly won’t be robust this year, but where it does happen, it’s likely to happen outdoors. Airlines are changing their offerings to cater to that need. — Rosie Spinks Read the Complete Story On Skift


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